LABORATORIO BOHM S.A. is a company that provides all its innovation and technology to health through the manufacture and marketing of medicines, medical devices (including in vitro diagnostic test), cosmetics and a wide range of antiseptics for healthy skin such as aqueous and alcoholic chlorhexidine solutions. This section contains a list of LABORATORIO BOHM’s products by category:

Our drugs include treatments for patients with chronic alcoholism, cerebral vascular insufficiency of varied etiology, problems in protein anabolism, micturition disorders of prostate adenoma, occasional mild or moderate pain, disinfection of small superficial wounds, as well as infectious processes of the skin among other diseases. We are also leaders in evacuant solutions for cleaning the digestive system before colorectal scans and gastrointestinal surgery and / or genitourinary.

Healthy Skin Antiseptics
We have an extensive line for the clinical and surgical field for healthy skin antiseptics of aqueous and alcoholic chlorhexidine, with a wide variety of presentations from 10 ml unidosis bottles to 250 ml bottles.

Medical Devices
All our sanitary products have CE marking with unbeatable quality standards, being highly specialized in the gastrointestinal area with unique products for marking endoscopical lesions, as well as a wide range of disposable biteblocks for adult and pediatric endoscopy, hydrosoluble lubricating gels and gels for ultrasound transmission. We also innovate in vitro diagnostic methods with rapid urease tests for the presumptive identification of Helicobacter Pylori with final reading of an hour.

Our range of cosmetics include creams for sensitive skin care for the neonate and for the newborn exposure to ultraviolet light as well as creams for the prevention and hydration of sore nipples of nursing mothers. We are also specialists in the manufacture of moisturisers creams and emulsions for the total care of the hands exposed to external aggression.

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